Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (3ds)

Kingdom Hearts has been going for ten years now. They’ve had a great bunch of games, and Dream Drop Distance is no exception. First thing I’d like to say: the graphics. This is just incredible…… the graphics of the game play……. match those of the cutscenes! Aha! Finally! This isn’t a stupid game that has great cutscenes and then trash gameplay. Second thing I’d like to mention, handling. The game handles pretty well, using the circle pad for movement, A for basic attacks, Y for blocking, B for jumping/flying, and X for magic attacks. Over all the gameplay is pretty smooth. Last thing I’d like to talk about, the color. DDD boasts quite the array of color, mostly in the brighter area’s though. This adds a good bit of whimsicality to the game. I guess this is good, as the game shouldn’t be to intense due to it’s plot. Overall: great game, you should check it out.


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