E3 2012

E3 2012 is just next week! We can’t wait for all the new products that will be coming out next week.  We are excpecting some new Kinect updates and games, new Vita and games, possibly a new Mario, and general classiness from our friends at Microsoft. Excpect a full report of E3 next week.

Report on the Wii U presentation coming later today!

Nintendo’s pre-E3 show took place in Nintendo’s head quarters. The host explained that the symbols behind him, which helped form Nintendo, meant “creating something unique.” He then went on to explain that E3 will focus mainly on game titles for the Wii U, and some 3DS news. The Wii U was concieved in 2008, and one of the goals surrounding it is to bring people together. The host then went on to say that tachnology had made life easier, but has had an impact on human relationships. They wanted to make something that would unite, not divide. Next up was the Wii U’s revolutionary new controller, the GamePad. The name was decided upon because of the nickname that the pubic had given the ever popular NES controller, and the name described the contoller well. The Game Pad features Game Cube controller like sticks, that you can push down. It was redesigned from the prototype to be more confortable, especially for playing on the Wii U for long periods of time. It also has a feature called the NFC Reader/Writer, which allows you to read data from cards, and figures. With the T.V. Control button, you can use the GamePad as an infared remote. The two screens of the T.V. and GamePad are totally independent of each other, making it easier for the controller and screen to work together in new ways. Even if your mother has come into the room and turned the T.V. off because you’ve been playing for too long, you can now keep playing on the controller once she’s left the room. Then Nintendo brought out the big guns, reveiling the Wii U Pro Controller. This controller fit the bill competitive shooter games, and many other things. Next up was a corney, but very informative video that showed many ways that the Wii U can utilize the internet while playing video games. That’s right. Multitasking on a Nintendo product. The video also showed video chat between two players, crazy right? The new main menu for the Wii U was at best, cluttered. This attempt at inovation  seemed to be interesting, but two unorganized to pay much attention to it. A big subject was that the GamePad, is a sort of social window. From the GamePad you cen send messages, pictures, and emoticons to other players.You will soon be able to access your account on the go, as with your Xbox account. However you won’t be able to do it now. “A great idea solves multiple problems at the same time.”- Myamoto.

Thanks for reading, more E3 news next week.


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