5 Best Game Apps

Please keep in mind that the order these apps go in does not relate to how much we enjoyed them.

1. Jetpack Joyride (free)
This app is great for an on-the-go thrill, or a long lasting engagement.

2. Angry Birds Space (.99)
This app isn’t the same old bland app the soccer moms play. Ok maybe it is, but the interesting usage of gravity was very amusing.

3. Subway Surfers (free)
For a free app, this is awesome! The graphics are funky and the general theme of the app was very refreshing.

4. Wingsuit Stickman (.99)
For a stickman app, this was a real treat. This app was pretty hard to play, but in a fun, good, way.

5. Monster Dash (.99)
Where do I begin. As soon as I downloaded and started up this app, a smile spread across my face. This app makes you feel pretty hardcore as well as being great for a fast game, or a long time of playing.

We hope this helps you decide which app you want to download now. If you think of any game-apps that you think should be on the list, please, leave it in the comment for us to try.

Thanks for you time.


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