The Many Lies of Reggie

“I think to have the full discussion,” Fils-Aime replied, “we need to go back to 2004, 2005, 2006 [before the Wii was launched]. The fact of the matter was that, in 2004 and 2005 and early 2006, the vast majority of the publishing community did not see the Wii having the, dare I say, success in the marketplace that it did. So all of their early-development engines were not compatible with where we were going. That is not the case today.”

There is no way he said this with a straight face. I mean, its just asinine. The only reason current gaming engines didn’t run on the Wii was because publishers and dev’s didn’t expect the Wii to be a success, and thus did not bother making their engines compatible? Really? Red Dead would never have run on the Wii if Rockstar had somehow had the forethought to make the engine compatible. I mean, a port of Red Dead would have probably not have run on the Wii. Maybe a port of Red Dead Revolver.

I mean, come on. Most current ipad games wouldn’t run on the Wii, its just a fact. Pretending like the Wii U will run next gen games that are on Orbis and Durango, simply because developers will make sure their engines are Wii U compatible. I think the best case scenario is going to give the Wii U the same relationship with Orbis and Durango as my Xbox 360 and PS3 have with my PC. I have Akrham City on my 360, its great. On my PC, it looks a million times better, with all the particle effects, etc. I think the Wii U will suffer the same fate. On occasion, developers will simply drastically reduce graphical quality to get the game running on the system.

Additionally, what kind of company drastically reduces system performance to keep the thing quiet? I mean, maybe if you’re Honda, you do it because its a crappy performing vehicle regardless, and a nice quiet interior helps sell fools, but a piece of new tech getting handicapped for SOUND?!


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